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We are Happy to announce we were properly vetted and offered a vendor spot at Music Fest in Bethlehem this August.

​** New for spring 2024 will be our brand new soft serve truck currently in production.

    The truck will arrive and within minutes be ready to serve every guest their choice from the menu pictured here. 

    Once everyone has had amble time to visit we will pack up and leave.  For our corporate customers and more formal events we are happy to arrange a beginning and ending time you can relay to the attendees.  We offer midnight and beyond hours May through August to cover all 3 shifts for our commercial and industrial customers. 

     On average our servers can complete a treat every 60-90 seconds.  Engagements with 75 or less attendees will usually see the truck arrive with one server.  We are happy to quote additional staff if you feel that is in the best interest of your event.               

     Local travel includes the first 20 miles from our commissary in White Haven.  A trip charge of $2 per additional mile is then applied. 


     If you desire us to remain available to your guests and  parked onsite for a predetermined length of time the upcharge is as follows.  $40 for every 30 minutes of time not originally included in your package.  Included package times are:

$169 package - 30 minutes

$229 package - 45 minutes

$300 package - 1 hour

$399 package - 1.5 hours

$499 package - 2 hours 

     When booking us your minimum charge will become the package we both agree is the best fit for your event.  It is your responsibility to encourage your guests to attend and enjoy this service you have treated them to. We can not and will not be able to adjust your bill down because of a low turnout. 

     If you are organizing youth sports, a fundraiser or a public event please invite us at no cost to you.  We routinely pay for vendor spots or donate a portion of sales back to your organization. We are a great draw and a great way to raise some money without much work. 

     Teachers, Camp Counselors, and Coaches please view our school program flyer as our most affordable way to attend your special event.

     Repeat customers and others familiar with us please note at the moment we are exclusively booking and using only our newest of 2 trucks which offers no soft serve ice cream.